Thursday, May 6, 2010

Addison Kathelene Reynolds

(after Ryan's mother Kathy, my mother Karelene)

(that is if it is a girl... LOL!)

I found the fabric I wanted to do her bedding! (and daddy like too! Bright and colorful, so cute!!)

Have started her crib blanket, and my friend is helping me on the bumper pads, and dust ruffle. Then I will start on the curtains, and maybe try to make this

Here is the kind of quilt KarLee wants to make the baby(she is taking a sewing & a quilting 4-H class/group.

This is were I got the idea and patterns for the bumper pad and curtains and dust ruffle.

And these might get a try.........

And I found this site and way cute dress!!

Aren't girls fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy is going to prime and paint and put up bead board......

Oh and we ordered the crib, dresser and changer! Daddy wanted WHITE! I can't wait to get it all done!!!

And found some cool ideas here for shelves and storage cubbies!!

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Brandee said...

Oh my gosh such cute stuff. Don't forget to browse Etsy, they have such cute baby stuff, i.e., bedding, blankets etc that can also give you other sewing ideas!!