Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching up.... KIDS!

KarLee is in 6Th grade and they have a Science Fair and all have to do a project!
This is hers!!

My nephew is the same age and they get to go to school together!
These two are really pretty close! I love having them together!
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My dad and sister called me cause they couldn't find either of the kids....
Well they happened to be right next to each other!

Then she had BASKETBALL!!

Here she is starting the game!

She is a pretty tall girl!
Had good time!

Her Principal from elementary was her coach!!

My nephew played after my daughter and so we all could watch each others kids!!

He had a really good team!

Next we she moved on to VOLLEYBALL!!

It was pretty much the same team as last year!

They all played very good together!

The won almost every game.... maybe a total of 4 games lost out of?? Maybe 36 GAMES?

The last weekend the lost 1 game out of 6!

Her team did VERY well!!

She will be starting 7th grade this coming year
will get to try out for the school team!

Now we move onto Colby and his rodeo's!
It has been hard running to both on Saturdays!!
One end of the country to the other end!!

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