Saturday, August 1, 2009


So this is the very first year I haven't coached or been apart of AYSO's board.
*I have been a coach since KarLee was 4 yrs old.
*I have coached both of my kids.
*I have taking coach training and referee training and done the books for our AYSO program.
*I have attended National trainings (I got to fly to Vegas one year!).
*I have been the Asst. Administer for atleast the last 3 years.
BUT THIS YEAR, I decided to let other parents take a turn.

~Can I say it was a good thing, I missed 2 of KarLees games, due to the water issues.......

***BUT Can I say I DID NOT ENJOY her coach.
The most important things are:
#1: To be a team you must work together,
#2: Every teammate matters!!
I know I really shouldn't say this, but OH MY GOSH!
And the last game, well I will try and forget how the coach was.....
Thank you all for helping, and I was glad that ALL the kids played! Yes I know AYSO is for FUN!! ( and I'm done venting)
***OK So most important KARLEE had fun!! And we have good and different kind of activities in this area!
A big Thanks to all the parents (which always seem to be the same ones) helping at all the different sports that my kids have been apart in!

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