Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bingham County Fair/4-H

4-H Time!!
Head & Heart & Hands & Health
The 4-H Pledge:
I pledge my Head to clearer thinking,
my Heart to greater loyalty,
my Hands to larger service
and my Health to better living, for my club,
my community, my country, and my world.
They are huge!! I couldn't believe how big they both are!Colby's is laying down & KarLee's is the one standing.

KarLee isn't liking her steer right now,
just because both of the steers were so good until
he has gain so much weight and likes to throws it around.

This is where they will be showing here tonight.

Colby is pretty much a pro at this, but it is only KarLee's second year.
I wish both my children GOOD LUCK!!!!

I love all the kids working and playin!
(in this picture alittle fighting was going on, but it was just for fun.)

Lots of sheep!

We have alot of kids we know with sheep, and pigs too!

This is my friend Kami's son Colton and his steer.
It is a smaller steer just making weight, but this steers rib-eye is excellent scored a 12!

Relaxing after cleaning and walking his steer!

Alot of the kids really work hard and take good care of there animals!

Wyatt and his steer! (Christie and Justin's child)

KarLee's sweet little friend! (she was showing her pig!)
Here is Casey our (neighbor) and his pig, looking good enough to EAT!!
Really! I wanted to buy one of this animals!

This is Casey's ribbon, I believe it was reserve champion???
This is the older group that made it to the final show.


This is one of KarLee's summer projects she did, and of course loved!

I wish I could sew this good!

Stained Glass
(she didn't do this but one of her friends did)

And this is another project that that same friend did!! I love it!
Such a cute purse!! (its our neighbor, Shana)

Card Making
Ok this was a bad picture, its a card that KarLee made, way cute and sweet.

Of course she loved making & learning how to make all the cool stamps!


KarLee really enjoys baking! She is getting very good already!!
(We really enjoy eating all of her makings!)

Explosion Boxes!

KarLee was so excited when I picked her up after this class!!!

KarLee just loves to make and make!
A very crafty girl that I have!

4-H Camp projects/Shield's & Armor
All the kids that went to camp did this project.

This is my niece Sadie's shield
Remember, she was here vi sting from Missouri and decided to go to camp with KarLee. Now this was a hard thing for my sister, Brandy to let her oldest daughter go do, her very first camp ever, scary for her but let me tell you my little niece wasn't one bit scared!! And they had a very good time!! And a happy ending!!!!

KarLees' shield!
Can you tell that she loves summer and everything that comes with it!

And this year my daughter entered the Table Setting contest!

She had to come up with a theme, she choose Christmas, cause she loves the Xmas dishes!
And wrote down a bunch of yummy food, and got more ideas from the Internet.
Learned the proper way to set the table, with the silverware and plates and cups.
Then today went in and had to set the table with NO help at all and she rocked!!!
I was super proud of her!!!

This is the winner, and it was very nicely done and way cute!

And then the Second Place winner was...............

(she did do a really nice job!)
(she did split second with another girl)
I was so proud of her, I almost cried with joy!!
She already was talking about what she wanted to do next year!!!

Well I will post the show results tomorrow!!!
Anyone interest in the sale, its tomorrow!!
I have buyer tickets to the BBQ at 4:30 for any takers!

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