Thursday, August 27, 2009

Colby's first day of school!

OK well I did get 1 Picture of Colby and 1 with Colby & Casey.
But guess what?!?!! I didn't have my card in the camera! Nice one Mom!!

I got a picture of KarLee and one of KarLee and Shana, too! I tried to get more of KarLee get dropped off, but she wasn't happy with me!

Left the house at 7:45AM
Ryan woke me up at 6AM, when he was leaving for work, I laid there, not very happy thinking **I don't know how I was at work for 12 years by 6AM!! That seems so long ago! Then he texted me at 6:30 AM, asking if I was await, and I texted back**Yea and hating every minute of it!!! Thank goodness for LONG, a little to LONG, HOT Showers!!

This year we go to 3 schools.
The middle school -MVMS(Shana aka the neighbor girl)
We made it by 7:57 AM
Next stop~The 6Th Grade Center(KarLee)
WE made it by 8:01
On to BHS/Blackfoot High School Colby & Casey/aka the neighbor boy!
And Finally by 8:05AM
And I have to tell ya, that the MVMS school is a pain in the BUTT!
Almost as bad as KarLee's school last year during afternoon PICKUP!
Morning drop off wasn't bad but that school at 3PM, pain!!
I was late everyday just for that reason!
And then there is the saying, back by "DEMAND"! "Tuck and Roll"!
Which in boys term means, get out NOW!! HURRY HURRY COME ON !!
Its always so nice when the last one gets out.... I feltl like I needed a nap already at 8AM!

So we hurry hurry and then just like that they are all gone!
And then I go to work, just like that. Hey and on the bright side of thing I get to do it all over again tomorrow, and then its the WEEKEND!!!!
Wait is the saying, "Thats Bad", or is that so last year?? Is it ""Sick"", now??!
WOW~ I 'm so UNCOOL!!

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