Thursday, August 6, 2009

4-H Steer Show

Here is "Shake" (or was Colby's was bake??)
Well here is Colby getting ready for his Showmanship steer show.
As you can tell he doesn't want mom taking pictures.
This is Colby's 4Th year of showing, and does very well... well except for the smiling thing.
He always looks right at the judge

He keeps his steer "set up" very nice.
Here the judge is checking out the steers package!
Colby's steer came in weighing 1300 lbs & had a rib-eye of 11.97!!
Always talks with the judge well!
Colby was the first kid to brush the steers hair back after the judge felt him.
The judges really watch for all these things.
Colby got 4Th place & Blue Ribbon in his class!

And here is "Bake"
KarLee getting ready to go and show her
steer in "Showmanship"!

All the kids have to walk around the show ring, about 10 or so kids.

I have to say that these kids are more than half the size of these steers!
KarLee's steer weighed 1325!

Last year, (KarLee's first year) she was so scared that she had to have her leader go in with her.
I was so very proud of her! Not at all scared!! Did it like a real pro!

She did very well keeping her steer set up!

Talking with the judge!

KarLee also got 4Th in her class!! And a blue ribbon!

Colby and KarLee were in the same class together for Quality.

Their steers happened to be "twins"!You can see Colby right here, KarLee is in the back row.

Talking again with the Judge, he ask different kinds of question.

Both of the kids made the top 5, blue ribbons!!

Colby made was 4Th in Quality and got a Blue Ribbon!


KarLee won 2ND in the class!
She was happy!
KarLee got to come back at the end, (they take the top 2 of each class)
then got 9Th over all the steers for the whole 4-H, in quality!!!

And they both sold their steers !
......Till next year!


The Ferrell's said...

sounds fun how much did they go for?

Brandee said...

Congrats on a great 4H year!! Love the pictures and learning about steers and showing them!! I don't know how they can handle such large animals!! Super cool!