Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KarLee's 1st Day Of 6th Grade

KarLee started school today.
At the Blackfoot 6Th grade Center!
Yes, she is already in 6Th grade!
Boy did the time fly by!
My little baby girl is getting so old.
KarLee is wearing a size 9 shoe!!
Not taller than her momma, YET!
She loves this shirt!
(Not sure that I love this shirt, but she was stinking cute!! )
She wanted her hair crimped with the waver!
Sportin new shoes and hair band, had to have one with a flower!
Notice that no one else is around?? Yep the bell ring as I was pulling up!!
(I was so happy that she already had her locker decorated and all her school supplies in her locker already! And the school day was starting with a school assembly!! BUT she didn't get to TALK with her friends!)

She wasn't real happy with me, and the funny thing was, it was because it took so LONG to do her hair!! We were both up at 6:30AM!!! Her hair has gotten so long and its thick!! And she doesn't like to help at all. And we 15 miles from town. Momma is going to have to get up earlier and be ready for her at 6:30!!!

I hope she had a wonderful day!

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Brandee said...

Love the story and no doubt she looked darn cute!!! Good job on her hair!