Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We are so excited!!!!!!

This is where we are going for spring break!!

First I want to tell everyone about an old school friend who totally booked everything for us!!! And he was cheaper than expedia or carnival! All of his help was awesome!! I recommend him to everyone and anyone!!

Total Stateroom - 1,026
Decks - 10
Passenger capacity - 2,052
Total crew - 920
Officer's nationality - Italian
Ship size - Large

Mini Golf!!!
The Sun deck’s new 9-hole mini-golf course. The greens are meticulously maintained and the view is great.

And this is the
Twist & Shout

Slide and glide on the fun-ified Twister Waterslide.
It’s three decks high of twisting and turning water mania!

Camp Carnival It's all in fun...Camp Carnival includes a wide range of activities designed for children in three different age groups - Toddlers, Juniors, and Intermediates. All children are supervised by staff who have experience and/or education in child-care. You'll see your child's excitement grow as soon as they meet their counselor and get assigned to their group. And when it's time to eat kids get their very own menus, featuring all their favorites like hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, macaroni & cheese, hamburgers and more...
KarLee.... 9-11 year-olds will feel a flurry of excitement every time they step into Camp Carnival. Our young cruisers will play all day long - from dodgeball and pool parties to video games and scavenger hunts. They'll also be excited about the new friends they've made.

And for Colby....Circle "C"The ultimate spot where children ages 12-14 can cruise, chill, and connect to others. Cool activities, awesome facilities and lots of great new friends to add to their text-mail lists. The activities (think games, dance parties, outdoor movies and more) are supervised and created just for them.
Circle "C" Activities Our playrooms offer a wide variety of games and equipment including, a video arcade and much more. Specialty items like air hockey, foosball, and karaoke (these are varied based on the class of ship) are also available. There are also special shore excursions, giving your kids the chance to explore our exciting destinations with a fun cruise director.

And for Ryan and Me.....Serenity Adult-Only Retreat

They even have a kid-free oasis for us to relax! We can take in the ocean view,
hop into one of two hot tubs,
or just kick back under the shade
of a big umbrella!


You can get a 4 Day cruise to MEXICO from as low as $174 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Our friends had went on a cruise for there honeymoon and told us how cheap it was! So I thought we should check it out!! It is a good deal for vacation, I think the best is that all meals are included:
Eat whatever you like, whenever you like at the Paris Restaurant on the Lido deck. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, salads, chicken, fish, broccoli, rice, potatoes, ice cream, cake, pie, cookies… Evan a Sushi Bar!
And there is performances in the Normandie, the main show lounge. It features a revolving turntable, orchestra pit and a recessed speaker system.


Ranay said...

How fun! Sounds like a good time.

Brandee said...

Please take a ton of pics and we can't wait to hear about your and Ryan's, Colby's and Karlee's adventures!

Randy and Stacey said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Wheatley Family said...

That will be soo much fun!!! Have a great time and take a lot of pictures!!!