Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my Uncle Jerry

and my cousins Michael, Patrick & Michelle, (they have one more brother Marcus, not pictured).

This is my mother's (Karelene) sister Oleena's family, my aunt!! I haven't gotten to see then for so long. As a child, my aunt and uncle came every summer with my cousins. My brother and sisters and I always looked forward to this visit!
I really hate that we have all lost touch of each other. It seems like we all grow up, and then everyone gets so busy in our own life's and we don't see each other!!
I was so happy to hear my cousin's voice last night!! We got to visit and catch up on our families!!! Thanks Patrick for calling!!!

FYI.... KarLee my daughter is named after my mother, Karelene, my sister Danyett Aleena was named after my aunt Oleena!!!
Just wanted to give that bit of info!

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