Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here is a recap of our trip:

Saturday after a big breakfast we loaded up and was on our way! The new trailblazer is perfect! Kids had their own seats, I didn't have to hear "Don't touch me, your on my side"! Love my kids but wow can traveling sometimes be a pain! I am so glad that Ryan enjoys driving!!! I laid back and relax! Made to Las Vegas around 6pm. The kids got to see everything in the light and then see the strip come to life all light up!! Colby didn't like all the people, KarLee love the water so at the Bellagio! They both loved the M & M & Coca Cola Store! We stayed 5 miles away from the strip in a newer hotel, really nice... 1 problem~ Paper thin walls!! Ryan was not happy! We went to bed and then in the middle of the night we woke up to hear people in the hall and in the room next to us :(
The next morning (Sunday) we were off to LA!
First stop, Hollywood BLVD!!! So many people. It was cool to see the stars in the side walk. The Chinese Garden Theater & The Kodak Theater- that is where the Academy Awards are held. It was all very interesting! We didn't take the movie star house tour, I think I wish we would have now.
Then we decide to drive to Beverly Hills and see what we could see! Colby was happy to see they had a street called "RODEO" Drive, just was a good laugh!!! We cruised up and down the street!! It was so green there!! Then we were off to Long Beach, to stay the night before our cruise!!
We like Long Beach too! Eat at Bubba Gumps' Restaurant, pretty fun place! To get your food you had to answer questions from the movie!! Colby & KarLee hadn't seen the movie, but the had it playing, so they got to watch some of it!

MONDAY morning we had some time so we went to check out the beach. It was nice, warm warm weather, nothing like IDAHO!! Went out on a pier and talked with a local man that was fishing! He was nice, told us some info! Then about noon we were off to our CRUISE Boat!! 2600 people, and it was on of the smaller carnival ships.
Due to the weekend weather our schedule was changed around, which I like better! Monday and Tuesday we were at sea! SO much to eat!! All day and all night! WOW!
2 swimming pools, a total of 6 hot tubs, some for kids only some for adults only. We think maybe Colby had the funniest time, there was a teens club and nightly dances & Texas Hold'em, and lots of fun things! KarLee's group didn't have alot of kids and the not alot of activities. But she just wanted to swim all day anyway! The night show weren't as good as when we went to Mexico on our honeymoon! And late... which when you eat way too much each and every night, and just felt like going right to bed! Oh and the beds were great! Kids had bunk beds and loved them! Room wasn't to bad at all. No one got sea sick at all.
Wednesday we went to Catalina Island, way cool island! Avalon is the only city on Catalina Island, it is located just 22 miles off the coast of Southern California.
Spent the day and walked all around the town. The beach was rockie, but of course little miss KarLee had to swim, cause it was the ocean, which I thought was cold!
The next day(THURSDAY) off to Ensenada Mexico!
It is known as the "Cinderella of the Pacific", Ensenada is located 70 miles south of the international border, a 90-minute drive from San Diego.
We went on a tour to La Bufadora, which is a blowhole that sprays up to 80 ft in the air. There are only 3, one in Mexico, and another in Hawaii and in Africa. There was an open market, so you could shop, and bargains. Colby want a FOX mirror and he himself got the guy to come way down on the price! We all had a great time, and it was a good experience for the kids. In Ensenada we seen there farming community. They grow tons of grapes for wines. Baby carrots, peas and broccoli. They had a Walmart & Home Depot. Our tour guide told us alot about the town and the area, and about the different housing. We were glad we went on this tour!
Then it was Friday, just like that! Friday morning we got up and of course had to eat one more time! Then it was time to leave our cruise!
Back in Long Beach. We all wanted to go see the John Force shop in Yorba Linda. This is where Ryan would go during the off season to work on the cars. We had a good time seeing this! We drove around to the different beaches along the way. Seen surfers! It was a nice day to site see!
Then back to Las Vegas. Grabbed a bit to eat at IN & OUT Burger! One Ryan's favorite places! The took the kids to Fremont Street is pretty cool! Didn't stay long since KarLee wasn't feeling good. We had already booked the same hotel, and yes not any better. Alot of kids due to some soccer tournament going on. UP way to early. We were up alot during the night with KarLee so we hoping to sleep in, NOT. So we headed home.
Saturday, KarLee was sick all day in the car, real high fever. Got home later than we hope, all really tired.
Sunday we had lots of laundry, I love the fact that Ryan and the kids help do all the laundry with me! Got it all pretty much done by that evening.

So it was back to work and school~ that thing we call real life!
Not for KarLee, the Doc said not till she had no fever. I think she will finally made it back to school tomorrow, (Wednesday).
KarLee hates missing school! Hates being sick and isn't a very happy person.
We had a great trip and got to see so much since we drove. The only thing we didn't get to do that we really wanted to do was stop in Utah and see Ryan's brothers' family.
I am always so glad to be home!

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