Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy! busy! So KarLee had her first Volleyball tournament at Snake River Junior High School! (had to be there at 7:45 AM) She had a blast, lost every game, it was all of the girls' first volleyball games. Then I was off to give my friend Shani (we have been friends since FOREVER!, she us to always get me in trouble at Church!!!) a baby shower!!!! Jhett is so very cute!! Way good turn out!! Saw so many friends from high school that we haven't for so long!! So it was so much fun!:)!

So short story:) This is a blanket that Shani made in school. She gave this to Amber when she had her 1st son, 17 yrs ago! And Amber gave it back to Shani for Jhett!! We all cried!!!
How cool was that!

Here we are: Alicia, Shani, Leslie, Amber and I!!! We all went to junior high together, Amber moved away before High School.
Shani's dad and my dad's went to high school together, OK maybe they didn't attend alot of school together more just like cause some trouble together, and still hang out atleast every Saturday morning at my dads store!
Leslie and I played basketball together for a couple years.
Then we all grew up and moved away, not to far to come visit! Hopefully we can more often!!

Will have to post pic of KarLee's game!

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