Thursday, March 19, 2009

David Archuleta Friday night!!

So here's whats up with are family!!
Ryan's mom and I AND 3 love sick David Archuleta fans are sending to the concert Friday, right after school just so we can get in line!! I am so glad Kathy is going, (she didn't know that KarLee was going to end up bringing 2 friends along, till after the fact!) I know we are going to have way to much fun!! This is KarLee's first ever concert! So excited myself! Kinda nervious taking 3 girls but they are good girls! Her best friends!!

Then first thing Saturday morning we (ALL $ OF US!) are off to warm weather, Vegas, baby!! For a night of seeing sites!! Then Sunday, after sleeping in, best part of vaction:), we are headed to Hollywood to see the stars!! Then Monday we will be cruisin, 5 days!! Then Friday when we get back to LA we get to go see were Ryan worked, John Forces' shop! I am excited to see this! Then back to Vegas for for sites to see. We hope to take the kids through all the hotels and Freemont Street!! Then HOME SWEET HOME, Saturday!!! By then I'm sure we will all be o.k. coming home? Hopefully by then we can go see the new addition Derrick & Ranays' family!!! And tell Nathan Happy B-day!! :)
Monday back to real life! Hopefully I will have tons and tons of pictures! Loving my new camera!! KarLee loves her new camera, and Colby is glad to have his to himself!! Ryan will get the video camera!! ALL of our love!! XO XO

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grrrma said...

What a great concert!! KarLee & friends were the best. I was more excited than they were and loved David's new song "0 Gravity". I just couldn't do the jumping and remain in one spot. Thanks for a fun nite! xoxoxox