Friday, March 20, 2009

Its late... really fast post of pictures from tonight concert!

The girls chowing down in a real big hurry!!

In line, wow it was long! Before we got there and so much longer after!!

All the girls showing off their tickets!! They were all so excited and really good for the 2 hours in line!!!

Kathy and the girls!!!

So much screaming going on! 99% girls 1% boys!!! So funny to be a part of!!!!

Ok so it ended up being 4 girls and Kathy and I going the concert.... It was fun, loud and exciting(for me just to see how excited my daughter was!)
Got there at 5pm stood in line till 7pm concert started at 8pm with Leslie Roy, the alittle after 9pm David finally came out to sing! 10:30pm on our way home, after dropping off all 3 girls and KarLee and me made it home at just before 11:30pm!! I'm going to bed!! Thanks Kathy for going with us!! Had a blast!

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