Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So Ryan had the day off work, and called and wanted to go to lunch!! (Such a sweet husband!)
So we decide to have a late lunch at 2pm. Went to Homestead, ran into my cousin and his wife, so we had lunch with them. Ryan hadn't met them, they were out of town during our wedding. It was a nice lunch! My cousin had been visiting schools for the Veterans Assemblies, so he was all dressed in uniform!!
Then Ryan and I went and got the kids from school. Went back to my work to get a piece of lumber (Ryan finished the closet its so wonderful and looks great!). KarLee wanted to ride with Ryan, Colby went to start my car and Ryan and I walk out to go get the lumber.

This is what happened, so funny!!
I guess KarLee walk out with us, but it had started to rain so she went back inside. Ryan & I got the lumber he went to his truck I went to my car were Colby was. We went to leave as I am asking Colby: Your sister was in Ryan's truck right? He said I think she walk out when you two walked out?? I said as I drive away: well I hope she got in! Ryan was be hide us.
We were all going to run to the Verizon store.
Just then (about 3 blocks away from my work) my work calls: You want us to sell this little girl? I start laughing!! They start laughing!
Colby says you did, Didn't you , You forgot KarLee!
So I turn around go back to get KarLee while I call Ryan and tell him what happened, As I am laughing!
He just thought she changed her mind and got in with me!
KarLee thought it was funny too! Thank goodness!

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