Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Family Traditions

So my favorite Family Traditions is:
Every Thanksgiving weekend we always going Christmas tree cutting!
Its always so much fun with or with out snow (We just like it better with snow!).
(Which is just about two weeks away!!)

My dad getting ready to saw away!

My dad cutting away!

My dad & Me checking it out!!

We build a fire and have Hot dogs & Marsh mellows!! And hot chocolate!!!

My kids love it!!!

In 2007 Ryan and I & KarLee were late?? Don't remember why, but we took her and my niece.

I do remember that there wasn't any snow!! Hope this year there will be tons!!
Pictures from 2006~Me and my kids & sister & Dad!

It really is the best of times!!!! Making snow angels, snowboarding, sledding ~Just being with family!!!!

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Brandee said...

I love the first few pictures where the snow flakes are caught in motion - very cool. Nothing like snow and cutting down your own Christmas tree. What a great family tradition!