Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So a little bit of excitement last week....
Colby & I were pulling in the drive way (it was dark) and almost hit a doe! Yea in our drive way!
We could see her running in our back yard and we seen a little spike in the pasture next to our house.
So we drove back in the yard just a bit and there in the tree was this scary looking monster?? I called Ryan and KarLee (they were home/in the house), Colby and I were a little scared and not about to get out of the car. We could not figure out what was in the tree?! Ryan came out with a flashlight and he keep walking closer and closer, then it started to come down! It was huge!! Ryan said it was a porcupine! I couldn't believe that they could climb trees!! Meanwhile the doe was eating the leaves on the little cherry tree.
It was exciting night!
Colby and I were really scared!! It had to be the biggest porcupine that I have seen!! We sat there for a while watching it climb the tree.
The next day we google porcupines and the do climb trees and eat apples!! They like to return night after night and feed at the same place!!
Since there are apples still in the trees the deer and the porcupines are getting there belly's full!! And we get to watch!!
Sorry no pictures.....

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