Friday, November 21, 2008

Part 2 of animals!!!!

So the other night we were in Colby's room talkin when we heard a noise and tuffy (the cat) up on the top bunk to check it out. KarLee got Ryan and he went putside with the flash light!
It was a baby something?? But what a porcupine?? Like what we seen the other night??
Thought so, but we googled and thhis is what we came up with"



or Possum?

or a hedghog??

WE think it is>>>

We think it is a Muskrat!? Why? Its tail......It looked like this one! LONG!

Here is some info:

Muskrats are found at some streams and safe canals because that's where they like to live. The muskrat and the beaver are from the same family. Muskrats belong to the Cricetidae family. They walk on four legs like most mammals do. The muskrat has little hairs that are waterproof, and the hair that is called protective guard hair is long and brown. The muskrat has webbed feet for swimming. They burrow in the banks of a river or in marshes. They are farmed sometimes as their furs are valuable. They have families of six in a litter. The muskrat is a lot like the
beaver but is a few inches smaller. The muskrat is also brown.
Hummmmmmm????? Whatever it was ripe the crap out of the screen in the familyroom & Colbys room!

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