Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is our friends family.
Ryan has been friends with Pete and Jen for a long time!
We just heard about Pete going to Haiti and wanted to post this
in support for him and his family and the group he is going with!

Many of you may have not heard but Pete has been invited to go with a group to Haiti on a relief workers trip, there is 12 guys going. They are going to help rebuild some of the homes in the outer borders of Porta Prince and train the Haitian men on masonry. This is a volunteer group and they have been getting sponsers from businesses and anybody that would like to donate. They are also delivering items the Haitian people need. If you are interested in reading more about his trip or would like to donate some money to Haiti and know where the money is going visit the website they have set up . Pete is both excited and anxious for this trip, he leaves Feb. 18th and will return on the 28th. Please keep these 12 men in your hearts until they return home safely!!



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