Saturday, February 20, 2010

Re cap of 2009

Have been getting around to posting this.....

Took some great family pictures!

Had some good family visits!
Had fun making things for the new year!
Had fun making xmas presents this year!
And decor for the home
More presents
KarLee played some volleyball!

Had a really good team and coach!

Colby had lots of rodeo's!!

Had some falls, but was safe all year, no broken bones

Took 3rd in district for saddle bronc!

Not to bad for his rookie year!
He took 1st for "cutting" and
for 2010 is Wrangler All Star!

And we went on a cruise!

Really can't tell you who had the most fun?!

It was a blast! We drove to Cali and made a few stops
1st to Vegas
then to Hollywood , seen the "stars" on the boardwalk
Went to see John Force's shop!

It was a blast, Ryan showed us lots of places in CA!

Oh and ate at Bubby Gump's!!
So fun!

Then we worked
and worked

Before the siding and new windows and doors....

Than siding and windows and doors
New porch and everything turned out beautiful!
The pump house before


Built a shop!!
(well Ryan and his friends did, and brother and dad!)


(this was the year of lots and lots of water....
and the year we had to dig up our yard and
to put in a french drian all the way around our house to stop the flooding)
If we only knew what that summer was going to bring!

And made more things.........

Had so much fun, making & making

This was for my sis!! HA ha!!

KarLee and I really enjoy doing little projects together!!

Made some yummy applesauce and jelly!

Watched my nephew win!!!

KarLee had a blast at Mackay's annual fish race!!

Had a wonderful 4th of July
(right after Ryan and I cleaned up our flooded basement)

My sister Brandy had to come home to get her
daughters my other sister brought back with her
after KarLee and her went to Missouri!!

Lots of 4 wheeling!

Spent time caming and hanging with family!

Had fun trips together!

Then we had County Fair...

KarLee showing her steer at the County Fair

Colby showing his steer!

KarLee won lots of ribbins for all the different projects she entered in the fair!

Oh and we got riggin.... He is already bigger than this picture too!! We love him!!

And my youngest sister moved home!!!

It was a wonderful year!!
Thanks to all that shared in 2009 with us!
All our love in 2010!!
Bring on the memories!!