Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is one of my very best-est friends' son. Knight! He is a very smart young man! I am proud of him and would like to support him and help make this happen for him! I am asking anyone that can help to do so. There will be more later.
You can go to this web site, every time you do that helps too!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Knight gets chosen to go to Costa Rica (click here!)

My Li'l guy, who isn't so little anymore, has the opportunity to go on a trip with a group of students from his school next summer.
The trip is to Costa Rica, Central America, through a program the Discovery Channel is doing with education called Discovery Student Adventures.
The teachers who are going selected a number of students who worked hard, are responsible and mature enough to accompany them (at least, that's what my boy tells me!
I'm probably a sucker).
These teachers have already started certain fundraisers to raise money for this trip to be possible.
Each student must also raise money through fundraisers and service projects.
Knight has asked me to send out this email hoping that you can put him to work doing yard work, mowing lawns, raking leaves (this fall of course) and shoveling snow.
Throughout this year Knight would like to help any of you with anything he can to put a little extra cash into his savings for this trip.
Whatever you need help doing, he's willing to help.
I'm hoping to do several fundraisers myself through raffles, dinners, etc., just to let you know that's coming! haha!He's a hard worker and loves to volunteer.
I think this is a wonderful way to teach him about earning and saving money as well as helping out his neighbors.Here's the website for this program if you would like more info.


Thanks everybody!!!

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