Monday, September 26, 2011

We had to put Riggin down Monday. He had gotten ran over the end of March and even with surgery hasn't gotten better. It was due to his spinal cord being injured. We will forever miss him.

We all had figured he wasn't doing better and decided to take him with us camping over the weekend to Island Park! We enjoyed every last minute with him! We love you boy!

Camping in Island Park was the 1st place Riggin went with the whole family in 2009. He was so small Colby put him in a milk crate and strapped to his 4 wheeler and took Riggin for tons of rides!!

Island Park was last place he got to go with us all.

We even took him canoeing!

This is this summer in Mackay right after his surgery.

Ryan took us all boating!

Riggin chilling on the boat dock!

Riggin as a pup

Colby and the rest of us will miss him very much!

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Brandee said...

Sorry to read about Riggin. They become members of your family and you love them like a child. Love that at the end, you enjoyed some time with him. So hard to let them go, we want them to stay forever.