Monday, September 12, 2011

Addison Kathelene Reynolds 1st Birthday in Heaven

Grandma Kathy (Ryan's mom) made the a beautiful white blanket (left)

and Aunt BJ (Angie's aunt) made the beautiful pink one(right)

So much love from all the little cousins!

Happy Birthday in Heaven

This is the video that Derick & Ranay made for Addison's funeral.

This is from Alyce Clegg Photography, NILMDTS.

We miss you each and everyday baby girl!


Laurie Cloward-Cater said...

That was beautiful! Love you guys. Love, Your Cousin <3

Brandee said...

What a year it has been, I cannot imagine. Happy Birthday Addison! Thanks for sharing her! I proudly display her birth announcement on my magnet board at my house and tell others of her journey and of your and Ryan's courageous story/journey.