Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is Baby Bella.
She is 4.5lbs and 16 inches long and was born yesterday.
has trisomy 18 and CDH, the same as Addison had.
Bella's parents are gearing up for a fight to get Bella the best care. It seems as though the hospital is using her T-18 as an excuse to not give Bella top of the line care. Her parents, Jinny and Tom are standing guard by Bella. The Dr is trying to coax them to turn off life support. Due to the hernia she needs a vent to breathe.
The whole family needs all our support and prayers.


Elizabeth Knox said...

This sweet baby and her family are in my heart and my prayers! I too am a T18 mom. My Lilly only lived 6 hours. I know the pain of having to deal with heartless doctors and them trying to play God. I pray the Lord will give this family strength and keep little Bella close to his heart.

leanne wigham said...

aww how sweet is this little baby, my throughsr with u all and keep fightin to keep ur little princess here xx

stacey said...

i hope u both keep fighting to save her little life and hope wiv all my heart that she receive's the best in life, keep at it n don't let the doctor's take her life, keep strong all my love stacey