Thursday, January 27, 2011

First I need to say, "THIS is MY blog". I will wright how I feel.
Some blogs post are fun. Beautiful. Even the sad ones have meaning.
This is post is not one of those blog post.
But I need to write.

I am hurting.
I can't sleep.
I have prayed my guts out.
I am tired.

Bad things happen. They happen to good people.
Only God knows why.
I KNOW he has a PLAN.
Sometimes we just do not understand what it is. What it looks like.
I am strong.
But now I am tired. Tired from being that strong person.
There is right and wrong in this world.
I proud myself on choosing right. (We all mess up, I know this.)
I do all that I can to teach not just my kids right from wrong but all kids I have ever came in contact with.
I have been that room mom. I have listen & read with kids.
I have coached basketball, soccer. I have played & laughed with kids.
I have and am teaching Sunday school. I have talk & cried with kids.
I have been there for kids. I have had compassion for all kids.

Yesterday my kid was hurt, by your kid. This is WRONG.
To have good friends, is to be a good friend. This is RIGHT.
Kids fight, I KNOW this. This IS part of growing up.
This does not make it RIGHT.
This was WRONG.

My heart is hurting from this.
This is ugly to me.

Kids WILL be kids. We have to teach them right from wrong.
THIS is OUR jobs. We ARE their parents.

My plead to ALL PARENTS:
"Be very, VERY careful for the excuses you make for your children". WE are who molds them.

.............and I know
"In time this too will pass".
But this is NOW. And this is not OK.

There is no need for comments.