Thursday, October 7, 2010


My mother in law, Kathy, gave me some writings. I've been reading through them.
I wanted to thank you Kathy, for being so thoughtful, loving and caring.

I love that people care. Care to help others. That they write and share. They help.
Theyare helping me, and my family.

I wanted to share some readings that I are helping me....

Be with the sadness and the pain when it comes, but don't dwell on it.
Accept it, but don't invite it.
Pain is an acceptable guest, but not a welcome long term visitor.

Crying has its own specialness. It is cleansing, a marvelous release.

Don't deny it or cover it or run away from it.
Be with it.
Hurt for awhile.
Although you may find yourself frightened by it,
be with your pain.
Fell it. Lean into it.
You will not find it bottomless.

And to OUR friends and family
this is for you, thank you all for loving us all.

My friends are still there:
while I gave all my
precious moments to you.
they're still here!
god bless them.
I want to thank everyone who has and is loving on me and my family. Thank you for talking, and even when you didn't know what to say, you were still there.
Thank you to those who have called, emailed, face booked and letting us know that you were there.
Thank you to those who asked how I was, or how my husband was, and my kids.
To our work friends:
Thank you for being there and taking the time to ask, how we are.
Thank you for keeping my/our spirits up.
Saying a "funny" when you knew I was having a hard day.
Everyday I/we feel loved. We thank you all.


grrrma said...

You're so welcome Angie. It's helps me to listen to wonderful music and read positive uplifts.
Ask Ryan to sing to you. (good luck) xoxo

Brandee said...

I have been wanting to get to your blog for weeks now and spend some time reading what you have blogged about. So glad to read how much love and help you all have received.