Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you, and all our love.

What we have once,
we can never lose.
All that we love deeply
becomes a part of us.

—Helen Keller

We would like to think all of you
who helped us through,
probably the toughest time
we have ever went through.


There is no foot so small that it

cannot leave an imprint on the world.

And Addison did indeed leave her imprint
in this world, and in so
many peoples hearts.

Thank you

Blackfoot First Baptist Church

Pastor Mark Fisk & Kelly Jo and Laura and "all" of our Church Family!

Thank you for all the prayers, love & meals.
Pastor Mark for a wonderful funeral service he did for our daughter
It could not have been more beautiful, or perfect!
Jon for the music CD's and tech for Addi's service.
And to all of the members of Blackfoot First Baptist Church
for decorating and providing a wonderful luncheon and cleaning up.
Laura for a beautiful funeral sign in book

Alyce Clegg

One of the most genuine person we have ever meant.
She came and took A LOT of time with our family,
taking the most wonderful pictures for us
and a beautiful slide show as well.
We will always cherish the memories she captured
I hope to always give of myself, like Alyce does.

Alyce Clegg is apart of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center,
The caring and loving nurses
Leavitt Women's Health Care
Our wonderful Doctor
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)
For the information & knowledge , care package and support.
For all the other CDH parents and their support.

String of Pearls
Laura Huene
All of her support and the wonderful gifts she sent to us.
We will cherish the Christmas ball, Ryan got to put her foot prints on!

Hill Hawker Sanberg Funeral Home & Crematory
Troy Dietrich and staff
They did a wonderful service for us.
Made hand and foot print molds that were beautiful!
Heaven's Gain
Donna Murphy
April Frederick
Designing our beautiful funeral programs &
birth announcements & thank you cards
United Mailing Direct
Chad Shanks
For printing our funeral programs and birth announcements
Another genuine person, that we haven't even meant.
Thank you, Chad.
Mickelsen Pack
2011 Riverton Rd
Blackfoot, ID 83221
(208) 785-0860
Lindon & Jayne Mickelsen
Providing the meat & cheese trays.
To all of our family & friends for all
of your love & support
You all gave us strength
Danyett Cloward, balloons & and so much more
Gary Reynolds, dedicating the grave
Ranay & Derick Thompson, slide show
Robyn Longhurst, pictures
Danyett, Kami, Michelle & April and everyone
who seat up Addi's memories table
Jayne Mickelsen, completing Addi's blanket
For everyone who stitched a flower & tied on ADDISON'S blanket
We will forever cherish it and the memories made doing it.

We must accept finite disappointment,
but never lose infinite hope.
—Martin Luther King Jr.

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