Friday, September 17, 2010

In Memory of Addison Kathelene Reynolds

In Memory of Addison Kathelene Reynolds
This was written by KarLee, yesterday 9-16-2010
(haven't changed anything....... its just beautiful)

In the beginning she was an it a mystery to be discovered. Boy, Girl who knew. As Colby called her billy bob as if she was a boy and I just waited paitently knowing that she was going to be a princess or again in colbys words a cowboy. Finally the day came I told my mom I was to be the first person she called I deserved to know that she deffinetly was going to be a little princess and colby deserved to know that it wasnt a cowboy maybe it could be a cowgirl princess but not cowboy. My mom called and as you see it was a little baby girl !!!!
Finally getting all the cute little out fits filling her dresser and closset. Getting out fits with flowers on the butt of the pants and cows on bibs they were so cute.
Then to find out that she had c-d-h it was different but ok we knew we would have are special little princess. We got her room done and all her little out fits. My mom also had so much heart burn and she told me thats supposed to meen lots of hear. Wich meant I could play with her hear when it got a little longer.
Then come to find out she had a brain problem then even more a heart problem and then come to find are little angel wasnt gong to make it why us why her what did we do to desserve it all this exsitment for a little baby sister I was finally going to be a big sister well I guess I still will be.
 I'm very proud to be KarLee's mother.

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