Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just to keep an update on things:

June 2nd/23 wks 4 days
Found out baby girl (Addison Kathelene) had CDH, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.
June 8th/ 24 wks 3 days
Ryan and I went to Ogden for a ultrasound and met with Dr. Herbst.
June 25th/ 26 wks 6 days
We will be going back to Utah, this time to Salt Lake to St Mark's and will have a amino and a MRI and met Dr. Belfort.

Some days are overwhelming.

Organs that are in the chest cavity (that we know of) are intestines and her liver is partially up. Having the liver down is better, her is only half, and we pray that God keeps her liver where it is. The doctor said that her heart looked good and it has been strong right from the beginning. Her heart is moved to the right, so both lungs are smaller than they should be.

JUNE 15th/25 wks 2 days
Met and spoke with my Doctor here in Blackfoot, about making the decision to find a doctor in Idaho Falls. The doctor (who has been my doctor for at least 14 years) agreed that in case of emergency and I have to go to Idaho Falls that I DO need an Idaho Falls Doctor who will now my case and that they need to get me to Salt Lake, ASAP, and it would save 20 minutes, and that is ALOT.
Ryan and I have met 1, we will be meeting with 2 more doctors and go from there.
I love my OB. And thank him for helping me and saying this is about the baby first.
Then he had to listen to her!! And she was wonderful, good heart beat!! Moving like crazy!!
I have a great doctor and love his nurse, I grew up with her as my next door neighbor.
Having to change is hard, bu the right choice for Addison!
We will be praying that God guides us to the right doctor in Idaho Falls, just in case.

I am so thankful for my husband. And for everyone's prayers.
I have my moments. Ryan has his moments. We have each other. We are functioning.
God is good. And with God we will get through this.

I have met parents who have been in our shoes. I have been able to email and facebook with these mothers.
1 mother's son is 5 months old and still in the hospital. 3 mothers are expecting, all due before me. And 1 mothers (who's son was life flighted to Primary's) graduated from kindergarten this year! I have read alot of blogs written by these mothers, and fathers. They are now listed on my blog. Read them. They all have stories. Information. Shawn is Kamryn's father and he has tons of info.
I am so very thankful for the blogs, emails and for facebook!

I wanted to put this on here, its from Terri (Ava's mother)

If I could tell expectant parents one thing I would say,
No matter how grim the odds get, no matter what doctors tell you, there is still Hope that your baby CAN survive.
We were given 20-30% chance of Ava surviving.
Please have Faith in God, even when it looks and feels hopeless.
I am here to remind you that Miracles do Happen.
Ava is living, breathing proof that life is precious and we must strive to help these tiny babies!
If God brings you to it, He can bring you through it!

I know that we all need to trust in GOD.

I will try to keep this blog updated on
ALL family happenings............


Tracy Meats said...

I have been praying for your little girl and family. I hope you find some more answers out next week in Utah. Try to stay positive and never lose hope. Believe in miracles!

By the way, you have a beautiful family.

Tracy, Ian's mom from CHERUBS

Anonymous said...

I will be keeping Baby Addison and your family in my prayers. I see you have a strong faith and I don't need to tell you how instrumental that is to getting through this. I have just placed all my trust and faith in God through this journey and HE IS FAITHFUL. The only reason that I am not going completely insane with worry every day is that God has taken that from me. I know he will lead you to the right hospital and doctors and he has us and I just pray that you feel him walking with you through this. Our God is a God of miracles and he has a plan for our babies...