Sunday, July 24, 2011

NHSFR 2011

This is Colby Jacket From STATE

This is Colby's NHSRA number!!

This is the NEW big screens
~They had a couple Golf Cart Drive in Moives~

Colby Won his 1 and 2nd Go in Cutting, He was 1 of the TOP 20

This is his buckle for winning 3rd Placed in the NATION!

This is the buckle for winning 2nd in the TOP 20

Colby in Saddle Bronc 1st go ~ Got bucked off

Saddle Bronc 2nd go ~got bucked off

1st GO CUTTING -Won 1st in this go

2nd Go in Cutting Won 1st in this go

FINAL "Short GO" CUTTING NHSRA Won 2nd in this go

NHSFR Final Results - The Gillette News Record Add Image
Boys Cutting
NHSFR Final Results -Final Standings
1. Hunter Hightower, Bluff Dale, Texas, 221
2. Colby Giannini, Firth, Idaho, 216
3. Dax Hadlock, Ogden, Utah, 213.5
4. Wilder Jones, King Hill, Idaho, 211
5. Mitchell Crawford, Carthage, Miss., 210
6. Bobby Hoenck, Winnemucca, Nev., 209.5
7. Kyzer Stoddard, Rexburg, Idaho, 208
8. Sterling Atkins, Broken Bow, Neb., 204
8. Dalton Davis, Holcomb, Kan., 204
8. Josh Burns, Deville, La., 204
11. Ike Fontenot, Ville Platte, La., 203
12. Dustin Latta, Marana, Ariz., 202
13. Jace Burk, Kaysville, Utah, 200
14. Cody Golding, Atascadero, Calif., 197
15. Stetson Mackey, Ignacio, Colo., 190
16. Cooper Vandiver, Fairfield, Texas, 187
17. Jordan Sparrowk, Clements, Calif., 182
18. Roger Brandt, Amarillo, Texas, 180
18. Dustin Pace, Provo, Utah, 180
18. Bailey Thurston, El Reno, Okla., 180


Vanessa said...

Did you ever meet Kyzer Stoddard? I used to babysit him!! haha His older sister is one of my best friends!!

Brandee said...

Super post. You have to be so proud of him! Yay Colby.