Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well we have be BUSY! I think that is NORMAL for us! So many different things happening right now!

Got all our NEW kitchen cabinets (Thanks Gary & Rusty!) They look beautiful!

Ryan asked me if I took before pictures... Nope FORGOT, but I will look and see if I can find anything.

New counter tops all done! Ryan and I took the old door(We really want to reuse it-love the look) and sanded and sanded and broke our sander (use to way to much or to hard) now just wanting to get it stained and all the trim and crown! I doing a 4x8 sheet of alder bead board on one one(and oh I can't tell ???? will let you all know when the WALL is complete) We really have ALOT to still do. The kitchen looks bigger!? We are ready to tile, just not wanting to tile very bad. Love the tile we got! Everything has really came together! We are glad we choose everything we did!! And the dishwasher doesn't TALK BACK! KarLee is loving only having to put away now!

Speaking of little Miss KarLee, she tried out for a dance team in Shelley and MADE IT!!! She is on the JR Performance TEAM!!!!! (JR. TEAMS- Our older performance TEAMS are for dancers who "live, eat, drink and breathe" dance; who hold dance as their most important extra-curricular activity.

YEA! So VERY VERY PROUD of her!!! I took her balloons at school to tell her, and I cried, yep I did!! She asked, mom are you crying?? I said yes I am! And I am very proud of you!! We hugged and laughed!!! She hugged me like 4 different time!!!

I really like the dance studio in Shelley!! She has really liked it too!!! .

This is one thing that made me really interested and why I changed KarLee to this studio

My goal for our students is to have them grow and develop
in technique, self-confidence and poise, to gain new friends
and to experience fun and positive instruction.
Keri Payne -Owner/Director

She took Ballet (Pre Pointe) & Hip Hop this last year!

They finished the year off with a Dance Recital at Civic Auditorium in Idaho Falls.

Thanks to my wonderful Husband who is always at my children's "things" and also to my sister and niece and Ryan's Sister and niece and his Dad and Mom! Thanks you all for supporting her! It really means alot to her!

Yes I have pictures, I am totally behind!

Now on to Colby, he has had 6 (YES I SAID 6) Rodeos, already!! Can you believe that?? He got 3rd at the 2ND Rodeo in Pocatello!! Thanks to my best friend Kami's hubby for coming and helping him at the rodeos!! Always makes Mom feel better to have someone helping him!!

AND GUESS WHAT??? I kinda was bugging him to go to PROM!! So he decide he would ask a girl~took everything I had to get her name from him!! Jessica~ his problem was HOW TO ASK HER! Decide on taking her to lunch and when she opened the pizza box, THERE was the QUESTION!! Then she said she would let him know.... WHAT? I told him it was ok, maybe she just wanted to come up with a cool way to answer! Mom's so smart ~ LOL! Well that Friday Colby decide to leave school (EARLY-yes mom knew) And the poor girl couldn't find his truck to leave his ANSWER in! Thank goodness a friend got it to him~She put little notes in balloons and then blew them up~So on the way to the rodeo Friday night he was in the back seat POPPING AWAY!!! She said YES!!! Prom is this SATURDAY night! He met her mom at Rupe's to MET!! I am so proud of him~COURAGE!!! Let ya know how it all goes! All I know right now is that they are doing their DAY DATE ~Going to the Rodeo Saturday!!!

So pretty exciting things going on!!!! Keep us busy!!! ALL PICTURES TO COME SOON!

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