Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010-For Addison

When we went and cut down our Christmas tree, we also cut one for Addison's grave.
KarLee and I went and got decorations for it. Pink, Purple, Lime Green and blue.... some silver beads and tinsel and a beautiful purple star for the top.
We all decorated and then took it out to the cemetery.

We miss her very much. All wish she was here with us, and know she is in spirit....
Its been a hard season for us all, but together we are making it.
Merry Christmas Addi.
We love you.
Love, mom and dad and your brother & sis

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Brandee said...

What a beautiful thing to do with and for Addison! You are all so strong it is unbelievable. Thinking of you always. xoxo